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East Coast Health Insurance should be your Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement experts. With over 10 years in health insurance, we have been successfully helping seniors choose their health insurance plans for a long time and are up to date on all the latest Medicare plans and news.  Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida we are here to explain Medicare to you!

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Basics

Medicare is state sponsored health insurance for seniors age 65 and older. There are Medicare options available for persons under 65 under certain circumstances. Medicare Part A (Hospitalization) assists in payment for inpatient hospital care Medicare Part A is also applicable at skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities and in long term care hospitalization circumstances.

Medicare Part B (medical) Assists in payment for doctors visits and outpatient services. Provides coverage's for preventative care to keep disease's, ailments, and conditions from developing or worsening. In most cases Part B provides coverage for 80% of the Medicare eligible cost's for included services and procedures.

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage plans) Medicare Advantage move your Medicare services from the government to a private insurance carrier Includes Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B in most cases. Medicare Advantage plans premiums and benefits can fluctuate year to year.

Medicare Part D (Prescription programs) Similar to Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans) part D is not government run its a privatized insurance entity. Assist in coverage for prescription drugs Each plan is provider by a separate private insurer so pricing and benefits vary greatly.

Medicare Supplements

We offer Medicare Supplements from AARP, Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Secure Horizons (United Health Care), Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more. With the fact that Medicare plans are homogenized, that means the best plan for you is the cheapest premium as there is no difference between the coverages from one company to the next. East Coast Health Insurance will find the best plan for you and your family, because we have contracts with all carriers and will let you choose the company that is best for you. Get a Medicare Supplement Quote now!

Medicare Drug Plans or Part D

Medicare Part D or as we like to call it the Great Confusion, is one of the more complicated parts of Medicare. With Donut Holes and large benefit deals these $20 a month plans can drive you nuts but might be the most important decision in picking a Medicare plan as many senior citizens largest expenditures are medications. Let East Coast Health Insurance assist you in picking a plan!

With health reform right around the corner, you need an agent that is up on the latest products and news coming out of Washington and your local, state government. 

Medicare Advantage Plans

East Coast Health Insurance offers these great plans (usually free to minimal cost per month) from all great regional and national carriers. This subset of Medicare includes the Medicare HMO plans, POS, and even PPO plans that pay the 20% of your bills that Medicare does not. Everyone should have either an Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement as it is not a good idea to run around with no coverage for the missing 20%. East Coast Health Insurance can get help you pick a great plan and explain the differences between each carrier. In many cases we will even send a representative over from the carrier you choose to help you sign up!